Friday, 18 October 2002


Each time I laughed
I wanted to cry.
Each smile of mine,
a tear.
To the world I seemed
the happiest girl;
was a mask I had to wear.

I seemed to you
so full of joy,
I gave my heart to all
But truly there was no heart to give
and joy,
was but a fraud.

Such an actress was myself,
I hid away my sorrow.
I watched each day go
By and by..
prepared my stage
for tomorrow.

Each day the sun awoke the world
Shining strong and bright
And though I rose
Alongside all,
For me,
It held no light.

I seemed to have so many friends,
So many heart to own.
Yet, although I played along
I really was

Each minute is eternity.
Each second,
So far apart.
But still I can tell what went wrong
From the moment
I lost
my heart.

Friday, 17 May 2002

Shakespeare Love

The was an assignment creative writing for Shakespeare's King Lear.. .. I've depicted it as written frm the King France to his fiance, Princess Cordelia.. hmm.. just go read the play:P

Dearest Cordelia,

I had not known what love meant
Till the moment I knew thee.
No words of scholars can truly say
How dear thou art to me

What dream art thou, in my sleep,
To come and steal my heart ?
Will I live when I awake,
When you and I must part ?

Now, my joy, my world, my dear,
My love, you are my life.
I am the richest man to live
For thou shall be my wife.

The world may look and see you poor.
Nay, this world is blind.
For thou art the finest queen,
By thy wealth of beauty and mind.

Each day that I spend with you
I count as dreams come true.
Each hour, each moment with you at my side
Make me love you, as I love few.

Of your love I hope I have,
It means so much to me.
For, my sweetest Cordelia, know it true
I shall love thee for eternity.

Ever yours,

Friday, 19 April 2002

Back Again

I couldn't tell you on my own
But I wanted you to know.
Know what I've kept hidden all these years
The depths of my heart exposed.

I do not know if you know
If you do, you do not say.
It's a question that comes between us
I wish it weren't there.

Why are you a stranger?
Why dont you meet my eyes?
I know I cant meet yours,
wondering if you know.

At least please say a word
Tell me why you frown.
You never talk to me again
as if I were your friend.

Am I your enemy now?
Me, once your best friend?
If it is my love that keeps you away,
I'll not love you, to have you again.

I'll pretend my life did not change its course
The moment I fell for you.
I'll keep the mask I had for so many years
Hiding the truth of my heart.

Just come back to me,
Smile at me, confide in me like a friend.
For I'd rather have you, your friendship
Than ask for your love, and lose you.

I love you so much, I'll stop loving you,
Just to have you again.
If my love makes you frown, I dont love you.
I'd stop my love to see you smile again
For your happiness alone.