Friday, 17 May 2002

Shakespeare Love

The was an assignment creative writing for Shakespeare's King Lear.. .. I've depicted it as written frm the King France to his fiance, Princess Cordelia.. hmm.. just go read the play:P

Dearest Cordelia,

I had not known what love meant
Till the moment I knew thee.
No words of scholars can truly say
How dear thou art to me

What dream art thou, in my sleep,
To come and steal my heart ?
Will I live when I awake,
When you and I must part ?

Now, my joy, my world, my dear,
My love, you are my life.
I am the richest man to live
For thou shall be my wife.

The world may look and see you poor.
Nay, this world is blind.
For thou art the finest queen,
By thy wealth of beauty and mind.

Each day that I spend with you
I count as dreams come true.
Each hour, each moment with you at my side
Make me love you, as I love few.

Of your love I hope I have,
It means so much to me.
For, my sweetest Cordelia, know it true
I shall love thee for eternity.

Ever yours,