Friday, 18 October 2002


Each time I laughed
I wanted to cry.
Each smile of mine,
a tear.
To the world I seemed
the happiest girl;
was a mask I had to wear.

I seemed to you
so full of joy,
I gave my heart to all
But truly there was no heart to give
and joy,
was but a fraud.

Such an actress was myself,
I hid away my sorrow.
I watched each day go
By and by..
prepared my stage
for tomorrow.

Each day the sun awoke the world
Shining strong and bright
And though I rose
Alongside all,
For me,
It held no light.

I seemed to have so many friends,
So many heart to own.
Yet, although I played along
I really was

Each minute is eternity.
Each second,
So far apart.
But still I can tell what went wrong
From the moment
I lost
my heart.