Saturday, 17 May 2003

Echo in the Night

Through the silence of the night,
It sounded through and through.
My heart was up in my throat
What was I to do.

The sound repeated again, again
So quietly .. and yet so shrill.
So full was I of dread and fear,
Overcome with a deathly chill.

Knock knock.. knock knock
Upon the backyard door.
It echoed intensely on my heart
Piercing straight to the core.

The world was full of silence.
Unconscious, insensitive with sleep.
But for that same knock knock knock,
No sleep was I to keep.

My mind was distraught, wild, crazed.
The noise I could stand no more
It had to go, be rid of, purged.
I opened the backyard door.

 .. Written for a spooky assignment thingy i guess.. teacher's comments : "You create an excellent sense of tension and drama. It is reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe. Very Effective!" ..

Saturday, 19 April 2003


A mistake unheeded, continues to burn
Yet stronger and stronger, and soon it can turn
Your world upside down if you don't put your hand
To reach out and curb it. So just understand:

The spark to extinguish, the mistake to mend
Just do it right now for you are your best friend
For, fueled by ego or consumed by pride,
For one who's on fire, there's nowhere to hide

So make no excuses, you've noone to blame;
See who are your friends when your whole world's aflame
The pain you experience, the scars left behind...
Are a burning reminder; that's always in mind.