Tuesday, 20 December 2005


Gave a warm hug
Gave a hand to hold,

Gave away my heart
Gave away my soul

Held back the tears
What else could I do;

Just gave out the smile
The pain only grew.

Told them I loved 'em
That all would be fine.

Just wished
- like their tears-
Someone would wipe away mine.

YOU are the Reason

are the reason
I wake at nights waiting
The reason
I lose sleep in thoughts of you
The reason
My dreams only grew and grew.

are the reason
I look forward to each new day
The reason
Each moment I dwell upon you
The reason
My eyes lights up anew.

are the reason
For those quiet sudden content smiles
The reason
Lonely tears ache for you
The reason
Sudden laughs bloom out of the blue.

are the reason
Every breath caresses your memory
The reason
Each heartbeat calls only you
The reason
For my prayers for this love to be true.

Sunday, 18 December 2005

Lost and Found

Some things in life that you hold closest to heart
Only remain in memory.
Some things in life you want the most
Only reside in dreams.
But without the memories to steer you,
To remind you of the tears, the hurt, the pain,
You wouldnt know what more to dream;
What to hope for, what to aspire for, what to wait for.
Only because of that path you took yesterday
Can you know how to deal with the thorns of today,
To wipe away the tears in the moonlight
To face the world, with that renewed smile
That would compete with the newborn sunshine

Wednesday, 9 February 2005

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time,
You said 'always' we would be
A 'never' to us parting
A 'forever' you and me

Once upon a time,
Days would seem to go too fast
Hours flew by while with you
It seemed that it would last

Once upon a time,
I felt 'always' would be you.
You, you, you in every dream
If only dreams came true

"Once upon a time" it starts
what fate this story sends?
Happily ever after?
or, no 'forever' , just The End?