Saturday, 2 December 2006

Best Friends

Somewhere up, above the clouds
Just beneath the stars
Somewhere there's a secret world,
A magical place that's ours

An enchanted palace just for us,
Carved from ice and snow
Surrounded by fields of daffodils,
roses, and sunflowers aglow

And the sun will always shine
And flirt with our silent moon..
We'll watch the romance upon our clouds
Licking chocolate pudding from our spoon.

We'll grow our own orchards
Of strawberry, peach and plum
Mangoes and pineapple
and we'll even grow bubblegum!

We'll slide upon the rainbows
And swing upon our swings
In cozy silence we'll soar above
And dream of many things

With heads back, we'll touch the sky
the wind flying through our hair.
Our world of love and purity
With nothing there to fear.

And we shall fight, our playful fights
When the snowflakes start to fall
We'll cross our arms and declare WAR;
To match snowball with snowball.

The world below will wonder
About blizzards that furiously blow
Because of our snowball fights above..
Barbados would get its first snow!

When our noseys have turned pink
With snow all in our hair,
With snowflakes on our eyelashes
Finally, truce we'll then declare.

Then at nights all snug and warm
Giggling before roaring fires
Talking of dreams through the night
Till we drift of dreaming those desires.

And when we come back down to earth
That magic will never end
There'll always some happiness,
Because you are my friend.

(composed for Bab's Ducky =)...while walking this winter morning while the snow freshly fell, and the sun came spilling over the clouds =) )


And if a tear should ever fall
From those precious eyes
With flour on my nose, I'll bake you
Chocolate covered fries.

muahahihihihih :ebil:

Saturday, 2 September 2006

Just Believe

Stop a moment
Think again
Realize the worth
Release the pain
Smile within
Wipe the tears
Find the strength
Remove the fears
Love to live
Live to love
Dare to dream
Rise above
Cradle of power
Peace of mind
Inner calm
It's yours to find
The equation
Illusions deceive
Yours to solve
Just believe.

Tuesday, 4 July 2006

You'd Never Understand

You'd never understand my tears
Because you never knew
The things I sacrificed
In silence
Just to be with you

You'd ask me why I cry
But what can I answer
What can I say ?
How softly the tears fall
Somehow even till today

You'll ask why it's bitter
But you'll never understand
How alone,
How lost I was
When you took away your hand

You walk away
A different path
Living now your own dream
How far apart we now drift
Upon life's strange stream

You'd never understand the pain
Because you never knew
You'd never know how much it hurts
You'd never understand
How much I loved you

Saturday, 1 July 2006

Sweet Words

Sometimes sweet words don't mean what they say..
Sweetness of words sometimes just fade away ...
Yet, the sweetness of FRIENDSHIP
One can never replace..
It's the honey of the heart ..
An unforgettable taste

Sunday, 25 June 2006


In a moment, you shattered it all..
Broke all promises, took away my happiness.
You, who I once called my life,
It was you who yet killed me.
You promised to never give me reason for tears
Today still, they fall unending
Alone, so very alone.
You came in my life, became my life, .. and shattered it
In a moment you left me alone
Shattered me with your lies
Turned your back, when all I wanted was to forever love you
And yet, you still aren't gone.
You're with me
In each tear that falls..
In the stars upon which I had once wished only for you...
In each hour that goes by sleepless
In every song, there are your memories.
The same songs I wonder if you even remember me when you hear them.
Across the miles, I still wonder if you feel the pain you gave me.
Do you know the tears still fall, even till now..
The heart still hurts as much ?
That I ask myself each time the tears come - why ?
How I wish to hate you, yet somehow I only love
Is this the curse of loving so much
To love and never forget?
To love forever,
Forever shattered?

Friday, 2 June 2006


Why do the tears come, when I've let It go free ?
Even in smiling, they wont let me be..
Why when I laugh, later I cry ?
Why in the end, I always ask "Why" ?

Why in the silence, I think of just you ?
Amidst this wild tempest, I wonder what was true.
Why did it break ? Why did it die ?
Why must every heartbeat always echo "Why" ?

Why, I this island, that your memories surround ?
I sink in your ocean, in tears I drown..
Why did we fall, when we wanted to fly ?
Why does every breath whisper softly "Why" ?

Why do I love you, when I dont want you back ?
Tender pleasures reminisce, and yet pain I dont lack
Why do I hurt still, when so hard I try ?
Why can't so many tears just answer so many "Why"s ?

Sunday, 14 May 2006

If ..

If I could dream one dream alone
It would be a dream of him.
If I had the choice to live again
It would be again with him.
If there was one sound I could hear
It would be the music that he is.
If I could ever hold one hand
It would be to never let his go.
If I could call anyone mine
It would be only him.
If he had one choice alone
It would be that I was his.
If I had one wish in the world
It would be for his granted.
If I had a dream come true
It would be his forever smile.
If I could guarantee anything
It would be his happiness.
If I could love forever
It would be as I love him now.
If I could call this love anything
It would have to be true.
If I could only tell him one thing,
It would be "I love you".

Saturday, 6 May 2006


Final darkness comes slow, too slow
Faster instead these tears flow
Total silence
Heartbeats sound
Loneliness in which I drown.

Hope and dreams once I knew
Even those silently flew
Hidden pains
Quietly kill
Internal poison makes all still.

With each breath comes less I need
The heart itself slowly bleeds
Illusions around
Nothing for real
Coldness numbing, nothing I feel.

There from above comes the call
Gusts of wind as I fall
Exhaustion within
No more asking why
Life's calling for one final bye.

Saturday, 29 April 2006


With something found
Still much to find
That inner calm
Some peace of mind

A wall that divides
Strangers once your own
At the end of the day
Feeling so much alone

Behind glass walls
See the world play
Emotions overwhelm
Every single day

Assuring oneself
A reason for it all
Taking deep breaths
Won't let the tears fall

Alone under stars
While the winds blow
Drying tears that
Threaten to overflow

Wrapped in silence
In solitude
Thoughts echo loudly
Old wounds renewed

Fighting within
To remain strong
Internal battles
That last too long

A need to let go
To let it all fade
A need to move on
To leave this saudade.

Monday, 20 February 2006


Beyond that sunset
Warm upon my face
I'm totally lost
In thoughts of you.

Beyond Today
There's a Tomorrow
That I look forward to
Because it's another day
With you.

Beyond those clouds
That hidden promise
That makes me smile
Of lifetime beyond
With you.

Beyond that horizon
A dream lives on
Together we dream
Of a forever
Me and you.

Beyond existence
There's a moment
That doesn't exist
That moment when I don't
Think of you.

Beyond Forever
There is a time
A time beyond Always
When I'll still
Love you.

Sunday, 5 February 2006


Wistfulness in my eyes
That won't be cured too soon.
A petulant pout,
Knowing it has to wait.
Furrowed, knotted brows
That sulk, patiently impatient.
This pining, this wistfulness
Is making me go mad.
I see you in everything
Everywhere I look.
In that caress of the breeze..
Your whispered breath against my cheek.
Looking out the window at the moonlit sky..
There, in the glass..
Your reflection beside mine.
Hours fly by..
In thoughts of you,
Within my head, talking to you
Dreaming of you.
Yet wistfully I look at the clock,
Each second is a century
Each minute millenia.
Amid the silence, I hear your voice.
My breath catches, then sighs.
My heart throbs,
Heavily inwaiting, yet ecstatic in your memory
My pillow becomes your shoulder
The softness of the comforters, your warmth.
Each time I close my eyes
I see that quiet knowing look in yours.
I see your smile upon your face
And a wistful smile crosses mine.

Saturday, 28 January 2006

In Your Love ..

In your love, I've found dreams come true
In your love, I've learnt to love like it can never be enough
In your love, I've found beauty in the grayest skies
In your love, I shed tears of thankful bliss
In your love, I never want to let you go
In your love, the quintessence of happiness is defined
In your love, I've laughed as if I've never laughed before
In your love, I find strength to face the worst
In your love, I find patience to last lifetimes
In your love, I've found warmth to withstand freezing storms
In your love, I've found belonging in lonliness
In your love, there is mischief to match every blush
In your love, there are silences filled with words
In your love, no world can match our own
In your love, there is intimacy no matter how far the distance
In your love, special memories are as numerous as hopes
In your love, a past as cherished as the future exists
In your love, there is poetry in my words
In your love, I hear music in the wind
In your love, the stars shine exceptionally brighter
In your love, I've passed restless nights
In your love, a fountain of unceasing mirth overflows
In your love, a fire kindles aflame within me
In your love, there are hugs in words, words in hugs
In your love, I look forward to waking to each day
In your love, my heart sings to the rhythm of your heartbeat
In your love, I believe forever isn't long enough
In your love is faith that 'true love' is true

Sunday, 22 January 2006

Restless Flame

Tossing and turning
A night without sleep
Inside I'm burning
A fire that's deep
Breathing in sighs
All through the night
Restless am I
So quick I ignite
I'm frozen; I'm burnt
I am aflame
New feelings I've learnt
My heart is to blame
I'm cold, yet I melt
I'm hot, yet I freeze
Feeling what's felt
A wild restless breeze
A small laugh, a smile
Alone in the dark
All pains seem worthwhile
With this burning spark
Feelings that simmer
Feelings that steam
Restless, so Restless
In this waking dream
So lost in thought
So thoroughly glad
Shivering, yet hot
I've surely gone mad
A heartbeat that's wild
Yet somehow tamed
Peacefully riled
Restlessly flamed
Dreams and desires
It silently burns
Deep hidden fires
Inwait the heart yearns
Tossing and turning
It's love, I confess
On fire, burning
Love's made me

Sunday, 15 January 2006

I've Dreamt A Dream

I've dreamt a dream
Since I was small
In which a shooting
Star would fall.
A wish I made
Deep from my heart.
Yet, when awake
My dream did start.

I've dreamt a dream
That the whispering air
Would caress my cheek,
I'd ask it " Where ? "
It took my wish
And searched the world;
Blew back at me
My dream unfurled.

I've dreamt a dream
A feeling so strange
From a chance first meeting
My life would change.
What I felt then
I never knew;
Feeling so pure
A feeling so true.

I've dreamt a dream
Where a midnight sky
Would echo back
My question " Why ? "
Through the silence
My one reply:
One lone star
Shooting by.

I've dreamt a dream
Of an early dawn
Of the Sun's first rays
Of the Moon withdrawn
At a magenta sky
I'd question fate,
" Tell me when ? "
It told me " Wait. "

I've dreamt a dream
In which a raging storm
Rained down on me
And tears would form.
Drowned in sorrow,
Would let my wish go.
When lightning flashed
Thunder sounded, " No."

I've dreamt a dream
On a mountain top
I'd wonder " How ? ";
My heart would stop.
In the twilight
At a reach so high,
A solitude star
Would quietly fly.

I've dreamt a dream
Where the ocean's tide
Would lap my feet,
I'd think inside
This secret that
I silently keep;
As the ocean is vast,
My love is deep.

I've dreamt a dream
Where eyes would meet
My heart would skip
And miss a beat
If ever you asked
The question " Who ? "
My heart would whisper
"Only You"

Sunday, 1 January 2006


What happiness do you reap
By telling a lie ?
What can you proudly say is yours
In making another cry ?
When your day comes
Where you too shed a tear;
When your heart also breaks
More than you can bear ..
Dont question why for
The answer lies in your hands.
Consequences of your past
There, justice stands.
That you hurt one
Who would give you their life,
In the same way
You will find your strife.
The hurt can forgive,
But justice won't forget.
In the courtroom of life
Rewards and punishments are set.
A heart that is pure
A heart that is true
Would not have deceived
-Showing not one face, but two.
The tears that you caused
The wound that so pains,
Would remain on your own hands
As a memoir, your stains.
When you next enjoy
the fruit of your sin..
Remember again,
Justice will win.


Is True Love
Smiling when my heart is breaking,
Hiding my tears just for his smile.
Wishing his every wish comes true,
Breaking my own dreams meanwhile.
Praying that every tear that I shed,
A smile crosses his face.
That with every blink of my eye,
His sorrows have no place.
That every breath I take,
He takes another breath of bliss;
That with each one of my heartbeats,
Only when his beats happily, will do mine justice.
Knowing there could never be someone like him
Who could wipe away my tears.
Hoping my silent love for him
Will keep this lost heart
for years upon years.