Sunday, 22 January 2006

Restless Flame

Tossing and turning
A night without sleep
Inside I'm burning
A fire that's deep
Breathing in sighs
All through the night
Restless am I
So quick I ignite
I'm frozen; I'm burnt
I am aflame
New feelings I've learnt
My heart is to blame
I'm cold, yet I melt
I'm hot, yet I freeze
Feeling what's felt
A wild restless breeze
A small laugh, a smile
Alone in the dark
All pains seem worthwhile
With this burning spark
Feelings that simmer
Feelings that steam
Restless, so Restless
In this waking dream
So lost in thought
So thoroughly glad
Shivering, yet hot
I've surely gone mad
A heartbeat that's wild
Yet somehow tamed
Peacefully riled
Restlessly flamed
Dreams and desires
It silently burns
Deep hidden fires
Inwait the heart yearns
Tossing and turning
It's love, I confess
On fire, burning
Love's made me

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there exists something within that in the space of poetry can only be silent, held within the wor(l)ds afore writ. though often I do not respond to feedback I do thank you for your words