Monday, 20 February 2006


Beyond that sunset
Warm upon my face
I'm totally lost
In thoughts of you.

Beyond Today
There's a Tomorrow
That I look forward to
Because it's another day
With you.

Beyond those clouds
That hidden promise
That makes me smile
Of lifetime beyond
With you.

Beyond that horizon
A dream lives on
Together we dream
Of a forever
Me and you.

Beyond existence
There's a moment
That doesn't exist
That moment when I don't
Think of you.

Beyond Forever
There is a time
A time beyond Always
When I'll still
Love you.

Sunday, 5 February 2006


Wistfulness in my eyes
That won't be cured too soon.
A petulant pout,
Knowing it has to wait.
Furrowed, knotted brows
That sulk, patiently impatient.
This pining, this wistfulness
Is making me go mad.
I see you in everything
Everywhere I look.
In that caress of the breeze..
Your whispered breath against my cheek.
Looking out the window at the moonlit sky..
There, in the glass..
Your reflection beside mine.
Hours fly by..
In thoughts of you,
Within my head, talking to you
Dreaming of you.
Yet wistfully I look at the clock,
Each second is a century
Each minute millenia.
Amid the silence, I hear your voice.
My breath catches, then sighs.
My heart throbs,
Heavily inwaiting, yet ecstatic in your memory
My pillow becomes your shoulder
The softness of the comforters, your warmth.
Each time I close my eyes
I see that quiet knowing look in yours.
I see your smile upon your face
And a wistful smile crosses mine.