Sunday, 14 May 2006

If ..

If I could dream one dream alone
It would be a dream of him.
If I had the choice to live again
It would be again with him.
If there was one sound I could hear
It would be the music that he is.
If I could ever hold one hand
It would be to never let his go.
If I could call anyone mine
It would be only him.
If he had one choice alone
It would be that I was his.
If I had one wish in the world
It would be for his granted.
If I had a dream come true
It would be his forever smile.
If I could guarantee anything
It would be his happiness.
If I could love forever
It would be as I love him now.
If I could call this love anything
It would have to be true.
If I could only tell him one thing,
It would be "I love you".

Saturday, 6 May 2006


Final darkness comes slow, too slow
Faster instead these tears flow
Total silence
Heartbeats sound
Loneliness in which I drown.

Hope and dreams once I knew
Even those silently flew
Hidden pains
Quietly kill
Internal poison makes all still.

With each breath comes less I need
The heart itself slowly bleeds
Illusions around
Nothing for real
Coldness numbing, nothing I feel.

There from above comes the call
Gusts of wind as I fall
Exhaustion within
No more asking why
Life's calling for one final bye.