Sunday, 25 June 2006


In a moment, you shattered it all..
Broke all promises, took away my happiness.
You, who I once called my life,
It was you who yet killed me.
You promised to never give me reason for tears
Today still, they fall unending
Alone, so very alone.
You came in my life, became my life, .. and shattered it
In a moment you left me alone
Shattered me with your lies
Turned your back, when all I wanted was to forever love you
And yet, you still aren't gone.
You're with me
In each tear that falls..
In the stars upon which I had once wished only for you...
In each hour that goes by sleepless
In every song, there are your memories.
The same songs I wonder if you even remember me when you hear them.
Across the miles, I still wonder if you feel the pain you gave me.
Do you know the tears still fall, even till now..
The heart still hurts as much ?
That I ask myself each time the tears come - why ?
How I wish to hate you, yet somehow I only love
Is this the curse of loving so much
To love and never forget?
To love forever,
Forever shattered?

Friday, 2 June 2006


Why do the tears come, when I've let It go free ?
Even in smiling, they wont let me be..
Why when I laugh, later I cry ?
Why in the end, I always ask "Why" ?

Why in the silence, I think of just you ?
Amidst this wild tempest, I wonder what was true.
Why did it break ? Why did it die ?
Why must every heartbeat always echo "Why" ?

Why, I this island, that your memories surround ?
I sink in your ocean, in tears I drown..
Why did we fall, when we wanted to fly ?
Why does every breath whisper softly "Why" ?

Why do I love you, when I dont want you back ?
Tender pleasures reminisce, and yet pain I dont lack
Why do I hurt still, when so hard I try ?
Why can't so many tears just answer so many "Why"s ?