Tuesday, 4 July 2006

You'd Never Understand

You'd never understand my tears
Because you never knew
The things I sacrificed
In silence
Just to be with you

You'd ask me why I cry
But what can I answer
What can I say ?
How softly the tears fall
Somehow even till today

You'll ask why it's bitter
But you'll never understand
How alone,
How lost I was
When you took away your hand

You walk away
A different path
Living now your own dream
How far apart we now drift
Upon life's strange stream

You'd never understand the pain
Because you never knew
You'd never know how much it hurts
You'd never understand
How much I loved you

Saturday, 1 July 2006

Sweet Words

Sometimes sweet words don't mean what they say..
Sweetness of words sometimes just fade away ...
Yet, the sweetness of FRIENDSHIP
One can never replace..
It's the honey of the heart ..
An unforgettable taste