Saturday, 2 December 2006

Best Friends

Somewhere up, above the clouds
Just beneath the stars
Somewhere there's a secret world,
A magical place that's ours

An enchanted palace just for us,
Carved from ice and snow
Surrounded by fields of daffodils,
roses, and sunflowers aglow

And the sun will always shine
And flirt with our silent moon..
We'll watch the romance upon our clouds
Licking chocolate pudding from our spoon.

We'll grow our own orchards
Of strawberry, peach and plum
Mangoes and pineapple
and we'll even grow bubblegum!

We'll slide upon the rainbows
And swing upon our swings
In cozy silence we'll soar above
And dream of many things

With heads back, we'll touch the sky
the wind flying through our hair.
Our world of love and purity
With nothing there to fear.

And we shall fight, our playful fights
When the snowflakes start to fall
We'll cross our arms and declare WAR;
To match snowball with snowball.

The world below will wonder
About blizzards that furiously blow
Because of our snowball fights above..
Barbados would get its first snow!

When our noseys have turned pink
With snow all in our hair,
With snowflakes on our eyelashes
Finally, truce we'll then declare.

Then at nights all snug and warm
Giggling before roaring fires
Talking of dreams through the night
Till we drift of dreaming those desires.

And when we come back down to earth
That magic will never end
There'll always some happiness,
Because you are my friend.

(composed for Bab's Ducky =)...while walking this winter morning while the snow freshly fell, and the sun came spilling over the clouds =) )


And if a tear should ever fall
From those precious eyes
With flour on my nose, I'll bake you
Chocolate covered fries.

muahahihihihih :ebil: