Friday, 12 October 2007

Sunday, 16 September 2007


I smiled and smiled,
And smiled some more
I smiled as much a smile could smile.

I was asked;
"Why are you so sad?"

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

And The Rain Still Falls

The rain is still falling
Why does the world still think it is dry
Drop upon drop
The rain still falls
Oceans grow without feeling
Shores drown unknown
Why are my eyes alone wet?

The rain is still falling
Why does the world think it is bright
Drop upon drop
The rain still falls
Clouds darkly gathering
Thunders echo around
Why is this storm only mine?

The rain is still falling
Why does the world think it remains the same
Drop upon drop
The rain still falls
Winds fiercly blow without care
Showers lash down
Why are my eyes alone wet?

The rain is still falling
My world why do you not understand
Drop upon drop
The rain still falls
Empty filled with dark
Silence amidst crowds
Alone, and the rain still falls.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

That's Life

The souvenir
Left behind with time
Not missed or cried
Asks destiny
Yet mountains faith does climb

A constant
To come, to go
The game
Change and let change
Nothing remains the same

Happens what shall
Without whys
Joy and strife
Take it or leave it
Seems like a choice
But is it?
Who knows; that’s life.

Monday, 9 April 2007

Untitled As Of Now

Untitled As Of Now
Subtitle: 'You been drinking again'

The pen held, awaiting
An overflowing mind
The right words, in search of;
Unable to find

The blank page keeps calling
Like fresh fallen snow
But what should be written
I simply don't know!

A topic, a theme
What metre, which rhyme?
A person or feeling?
Some moment in time?

Does a true poet struggle
With each single line?
Or this strange confusion
Is simply just mine?

When I think I am thinking
Am I thinking too much
Can thinking be thoughtless?
I don't think it's such.

Or are thoughts just thoughtless
When they lead you astray?
Like that thought I was thinking
Some time yesterday:

Yesterday was today
When tomorrow was today
So if today is today
Tomorrow's yesterday?

It's strange this thing "Time"
Both a science and art
Its all how you see it
What's an end is a start!

And time does not wait -
As I sit, lost in thought
Oh- what should be written?
Well, this...I know not.

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Sometimes ..

It's not who's there in the end
But since the start
Sometimes it's not just being together
But the moments apart

Sometimes you see things
In a blink of an eye
And sometimes you feel things
And don't fully know why

It's the comfort, the trust
The just being you
Sometimes saying just anything
And sometimes not needing to

Sometimes it's unspoken
Yet so much still said
Sometimes the heart understands
While confused in the head

Sometimes you realize
The things you may dream
Somehow come true
Despite the way things seem

It takes its own time
Sometimes, a lot of mistakes
But when you reach your destination
It's worth what it takes

Sometimes it's not the road
But who's there at your side
Sharing moments you've laughed
And the moments you've cried

Sometimes you find faith
Even when you're wrong
Even at your weakest
You sometimes become strong

Sometimes it's in moments
When you silently smile
Sometimes its a heartbeat
That skips after awhile

Sometimes you love life
For the wonders it can send
When sometimes you realize
You have such a true friend.