Monday, 9 April 2007

Untitled As Of Now

Untitled As Of Now
Subtitle: 'You been drinking again'

The pen held, awaiting
An overflowing mind
The right words, in search of;
Unable to find

The blank page keeps calling
Like fresh fallen snow
But what should be written
I simply don't know!

A topic, a theme
What metre, which rhyme?
A person or feeling?
Some moment in time?

Does a true poet struggle
With each single line?
Or this strange confusion
Is simply just mine?

When I think I am thinking
Am I thinking too much
Can thinking be thoughtless?
I don't think it's such.

Or are thoughts just thoughtless
When they lead you astray?
Like that thought I was thinking
Some time yesterday:

Yesterday was today
When tomorrow was today
So if today is today
Tomorrow's yesterday?

It's strange this thing "Time"
Both a science and art
Its all how you see it
What's an end is a start!

And time does not wait -
As I sit, lost in thought
Oh- what should be written?
Well, this...I know not.