Sunday, 16 November 2008

If Only

Quiet night
Wet and dark
Sitting, riding, the lone bus home.
Across the aisle a family
A trio of sorts
Toddling son, mother, and her mother.
Next stop over, ready to leave
Gathering shopping bags,
In casual passing, I noticed Grandma's hands-
beatifully manicured red nails.
Half-asleep myself,
Exhausted from a long day
I smiled;
Thinking, what a lovely sentiment-
A mother treating her elderly mother to such luxury
Even at an age many others would not bother
Labelling and shelving as 'past expiry - do not bother'.
Glow from within
A moment - inspiration.
I thought to myself, Yes
One day when I have a mother, I'll do the same
One day...I smiled sleepily.
Their stop came.
The bus slowed.
That's when the realization came
Bringing back the very words I'd just thought
...If only.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008


And, when the rain keeps coming down
So much, so hard, so strong
I drown.
The one who'd stretch that hand
To share the umbrella
Who'd understand
Who'd make the sunshine
Come back out
Now just the thought of whom
Only brings more rain.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

If You Were

Sometimes I wonder
If you were still here
Would you have been the one
Making everything seem right
Would we have been best friends
So that it didn't hurt when
The others walked away
Would my pillow stop being damp
Because it would have been your lap
Would that empty feeling
That chokes on lonely nights
Have no reason to be
Would I have someone
To wipe away my tears
To listen to everything
With that gentle smile
That smile I still remember
Each time I see it again
Reflecting back at me
Would it have been you
Coming with a cup of tea
Or caressing my head
With that magic touch
Instead of me alone
Asking the moon
Sometimes I wonder,
If you were still here.