Sunday, 16 November 2008

If Only

Quiet night
Wet and dark
Sitting, riding, the lone bus home.
Across the aisle a family
A trio of sorts
Toddling son, mother, and her mother.
Next stop over, ready to leave
Gathering shopping bags,
In casual passing, I noticed Grandma's hands-
beatifully manicured red nails.
Half-asleep myself,
Exhausted from a long day
I smiled;
Thinking, what a lovely sentiment-
A mother treating her elderly mother to such luxury
Even at an age many others would not bother
Labelling and shelving as 'past expiry - do not bother'.
Glow from within
A moment - inspiration.
I thought to myself, Yes
One day when I have a mother, I'll do the same
One day...I smiled sleepily.
Their stop came.
The bus slowed.
That's when the realization came
Bringing back the very words I'd just thought
...If only.