Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Monday, 16 November 2009


In all of our moments
In all that we've shared
In all we faced together
What have we feared?
We put it in thoughts
But again let it go
When we met it together
Why couldn't it show?
Why chase it in circles
And yet leave it unsaid
Who was the hunter
And who the hunted?
So like an addiction
We continuously seek
To accept it together
Were we really so weak?
So we left it to time
To make this more strong
But when it got lost
We got swept along .
From such a distance
I knew I would wait
For if we could not face it
We'd bow down to fate .
I thought, if meant to be
Then you would be mine
So when you came back again
I took it as a sign .
There was a hole in my heart
Where I thought you belong
So was it all my fault
That maybe I'm just wrong?
In all of our moments
It just took one word
But what my heart whispered
Just went through yours unheard .