Saturday, 12 June 2010

False Hopes

Turning your back to hope
'Cause hope can't come knocking
When its time has passed
Because it is time to move on
To let go
To lock the door
And say Goodbye
How long can hope wait
When you haven't hope
Until you give it up.
It comes poking its head
Around the corner
As if you'll chase it
In its circles and riddles
To escape
While you wait?
Turning your back to hope
'Cause you gave it a chance
Or two
Or three
Or times you haven't fingers for,
They've got knotted up counting
Like your heart's in a knot
Or four
Until you've locked yourself in
Glass walls
Prison bars
While hope flies on
So I'm turning my back
on hope
With its strings attached
All it takes is a snip
And you can have your so called
Hope and the bows
and Tails
The strings all in knots
'Cause I'm now on my own
And on my own
I am free.