Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Miss Me

Miss me
Because I can't cross this bridge
Miss me
The way I miss you
The way the clock stops
And the world holds its breath
There's something that says
Take the first step
But you standing there
And me over here
Somehow I can't cross this bridge
My heart has grown roots
Saying No
We can't move
Miss me
This distance
That changes
Far and near
Near but apart
It's a chasm
An ocean
Wood and steel
Just a single word
Who built this
This bridge
That says there are two ends
That cannot be together
But forever be connected
Is it made of wood
Or just a single thread
Tied to two stakes
Through our hearts
Miss me
Because I cant
I cannot
If I take the first step
Would the weight of my
Pull the stake from yours
Would it rip us part
Would you run away
Or take the next step
Would the bridge fall away
Or would the ends
Start to burn
Would we meet in the middle
Or run past to the end
Would the thread
Just snap
Or we
Wake Up
-Without a bridge
So miss me
I'll miss you.
Why can't we cross this bridge?

Fast Forward

To believe in falling
And to fall in believing
And you wait while it breaks
Wait for the explosion
But it goes in a snap.
You wait for the thunder
But the sun has come out
You wait for the rain
To wash the tears out
Till you come to realize
You aren't going down
Like a balloon untied
You're just going up
You held on so tight to
What you couldn't let go
The world's moving on Fast
While you're stuck on Slow.