Friday, 16 November 2012

In Complete

Thoughts unspoken
Like a spool of yarn that twirls undone
As a leaf circles and winds its way lower and lower
Where is the thread that neatly ties these feelings together?
Like a door that creaks in an unseen draft of wind
Who is it that it beckons and awaits?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Cold. A shiver up the back and it slowly seeps into the bones.
Winds that blow becoming steadily stronger.
A gust that blows your hair into your eyes, and whips it around so that you are left blinking back tears.
Leaves. Tumbling in a multitude of mayhem, pouring like salt from a box, to take flight.
Or whisperingly fall unseen, unknown, to glide in silence descending, descending.

How much farther do we fall?
We look back on forlorn times, to collide into the others, becoming so interspersed that we lose our identity
We hang, awaiting, on hopes for a fulfilment of restoration that never comes.
Grey. The clouds seep over everything moving, and vacuuming up the last hope, drops it all in tears.
We open our eyes to the blue of the sky, and where have all the clouds gone?
Why are the trees bare and where are our hopes, are they gone or do we wait to begin anew?
Or in existing have we already begun?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


The interminability of grief
Paralysing in its nature
Every single thing altered by a moment
Irreconcilable, never ending
Wounds reopen
Split open, bleeding
As loss is emphasized
By the normalcy with which it is unrecognized

There is still a missing spot
Where you belong
I don't know how to make me better.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


If there is a moment that remains suspended
In the midst of a raindrop that falls ever so slowly
Within the infinitesimal space that raindrop holds
To illicit in a blink of an eye the journey of its lifetime
A thousand memories that clash in freefall
Enduring, fading, morphing and merging
Imperceptibly incongruously irreplaceable
While umbrellas brace hold in the flooding deluge
Commending the strength of all as one
As all fall solitarily in the confinements of its fall
That is meant to be free yet remains a prison
For it hurtles down in its identity as a raindrop as
If there is a moment that remains suspended.

Monday, 20 August 2012


This is how it all starts to end
When the fear you've been seeking to escape is in escape itself
The doorway to freedom then shuts and there is absolutely nothing
No ground no sky, just darkness to fall and keep falling
No warmth and no understanding
Just resounding echo of the wound
And footsteps of being left behind

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Folorn and forsaken the leaves blow in the wind, and fall forgotten
Unspoken words that rise to the brim and threaten to spill but they don't
Could everything that could have been now teeter so precariously on the brink
Keeping back the heart that's already smouldering ashes slowly seeping into the wind

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

More Than Just A Wavelength

Have you ever seen the way the double helix of a DNA strand intertwines
Or the way every beat of the heart comes with a pause
How, with every inhalation of breath, exhalation follows,
Just because

Like the certainty of music
The memory of the last note that passed
Then memories, one after the other
That lie in wait in space
A song

From pen to paintbrush
Canvas to paper, filled with moments
Like a library or gallery but intangible
Lasts forever

Have you seen the way a rainbow arches
Each hue a million shades
The way they blend seamlessly for a moment
Before it fades

This is more than just a wavelength
Just because a song
lasts forever before it fades
More than just a wavelength

Monday, 6 August 2012

Journey of Sunshine

I tiptoe into sunrise
I want to breathe
I can't
This is a moment that has stopped
No intake
No out
But, a thought
How can it occur?
A heartbeat,
I hear you too
I hear it
I tiptoe
Follow the trail
Like an ear to the rail
Each time I get closer
It eases away
Follow the heartbeat
Follow the heart
I glide away
Leaving my shadow behind
I tiptoe into sunrise
With every step I take

Sometimes, I am sure I have already walked this path
Or other times, I get a bit lost
Sometimes there are those who curse at me for coming too close
Other times, through shadows and clouds, I hear them call me back.
I can't stop
I cannot slow down
I cannot let the heartbeat go
Because it is all I know

Friday, 6 July 2012

If My Heart Could Talk

These are not just words
Nor are are they just letters
These are not of a whim
To simply pass the time
These are feelings
If my heart could talk

If my heart could talk
What would it say?
Words that could be written
Yet not ever say it all
Rhythms and whispers

Whispers that become unheard
Because words can gather dust
Become remnants of memory
Feelings that wait
And wait

If my heart could talk
Would you listen?

Thursday, 5 July 2012


Sometimes it pours
With not a cloud in the sky
Not a flicker of wind
Not a breathe left
It pours
Out from the heart and out from the soul
It gushes and rages
And threatens to drown

Sometimes it is just a stream
That you can dip your hand in and feel
Caressing and cool
It comes out from the heart
Does it want to be heard?

Sometimes you wonder what is the point
In storms and streams
In feeling, or sensation
In wanting to share
When you're in it alone.

Thursday, 21 June 2012


I want you to tell me
Who am I
But the question in being asked
Becomes unasked
Who is the me and who is the I
Who is the you I question
Redundant, is it the question
Or is it the I?
Or is it my question answered

Words Undone

There is no poetry that I can write
That would do enough for words
There is no moment that stops
Perfectly for the room these words need
No solace in the words nor in thought
No calm for them to settle
Whiplashes and riptides
That unsettle and everything becomes

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Like an early morning stretch
Under the rays of light
With a smile upon the heart
Receding dreams from the night
A lingering of lazy
A tingling of joy
A warmth that underlies the chill
A basking cat, all coy

Like a dusky twilight walk
Upon the sandy shore
With a vista far and wide
On the horizon eagles soar
A tender little sigh
A sleepy little yawn
A snuggling without a thought
To welcome another dawn

Monday, 4 June 2012

Fade Away

Over the sands
Shadows fade away.

There's a darkness.
  Turn it off
  Turn it on
There's a darkness
That soon fades away

Like music that clashes
On shores it crashes
Footprints that  fill
As they too fade away

Like wind that lashes
And lightning that flashes
Tears that don't fall
They fade away

Under the stars
That soon fade away

There's a beat
That tells me
No matter what
This won't fade away.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

When Rain Fell

There's a magic
In the static
In this distance in between
Like a shimmer
Like electric
This space that stays unseen
A tremor
Is that a heartbeat?
A whisper?
Or just the breeze
A flicker of an eyelash
A silence -
Heartbeats freeze
Afrozen yet afire
A spark
 A crack
  A raindrop,
    Magic drops down heavily.