Thursday, 21 June 2012


I want you to tell me
Who am I
But the question in being asked
Becomes unasked
Who is the me and who is the I
Who is the you I question
Redundant, is it the question
Or is it the I?
Or is it my question answered

Words Undone

There is no poetry that I can write
That would do enough for words
There is no moment that stops
Perfectly for the room these words need
No solace in the words nor in thought
No calm for them to settle
Whiplashes and riptides
That unsettle and everything becomes

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Like an early morning stretch
Under the rays of light
With a smile upon the heart
Receding dreams from the night
A lingering of lazy
A tingling of joy
A warmth that underlies the chill
A basking cat, all coy

Like a dusky twilight walk
Upon the sandy shore
With a vista far and wide
On the horizon eagles soar
A tender little sigh
A sleepy little yawn
A snuggling without a thought
To welcome another dawn

Monday, 4 June 2012

Fade Away

Over the sands
Shadows fade away.

There's a darkness.
  Turn it off
  Turn it on
There's a darkness
That soon fades away

Like music that clashes
On shores it crashes
Footprints that  fill
As they too fade away

Like wind that lashes
And lightning that flashes
Tears that don't fall
They fade away

Under the stars
That soon fade away

There's a beat
That tells me
No matter what
This won't fade away.