Friday, 6 July 2012

If My Heart Could Talk

These are not just words
Nor are are they just letters
These are not of a whim
To simply pass the time
These are feelings
If my heart could talk

If my heart could talk
What would it say?
Words that could be written
Yet not ever say it all
Rhythms and whispers

Whispers that become unheard
Because words can gather dust
Become remnants of memory
Feelings that wait
And wait

If my heart could talk
Would you listen?

Thursday, 5 July 2012


Sometimes it pours
With not a cloud in the sky
Not a flicker of wind
Not a breathe left
It pours
Out from the heart and out from the soul
It gushes and rages
And threatens to drown

Sometimes it is just a stream
That you can dip your hand in and feel
Caressing and cool
It comes out from the heart
Does it want to be heard?

Sometimes you wonder what is the point
In storms and streams
In feeling, or sensation
In wanting to share
When you're in it alone.