Monday, 20 August 2012


This is how it all starts to end
When the fear you've been seeking to escape is in escape itself
The doorway to freedom then shuts and there is absolutely nothing
No ground no sky, just darkness to fall and keep falling
No warmth and no understanding
Just resounding echo of the wound
And footsteps of being left behind

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Folorn and forsaken the leaves blow in the wind, and fall forgotten
Unspoken words that rise to the brim and threaten to spill but they don't
Could everything that could have been now teeter so precariously on the brink
Keeping back the heart that's already smouldering ashes slowly seeping into the wind

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

More Than Just A Wavelength

Have you ever seen the way the double helix of a DNA strand intertwines
Or the way every beat of the heart comes with a pause
How, with every inhalation of breath, exhalation follows,
Just because

Like the certainty of music
The memory of the last note that passed
Then memories, one after the other
That lie in wait in space
A song

From pen to paintbrush
Canvas to paper, filled with moments
Like a library or gallery but intangible
Lasts forever

Have you seen the way a rainbow arches
Each hue a million shades
The way they blend seamlessly for a moment
Before it fades

This is more than just a wavelength
Just because a song
lasts forever before it fades
More than just a wavelength

Monday, 6 August 2012

Journey of Sunshine

I tiptoe into sunrise
I want to breathe
I can't
This is a moment that has stopped
No intake
No out
But, a thought
How can it occur?
A heartbeat,
I hear you too
I hear it
I tiptoe
Follow the trail
Like an ear to the rail
Each time I get closer
It eases away
Follow the heartbeat
Follow the heart
I glide away
Leaving my shadow behind
I tiptoe into sunrise
With every step I take

Sometimes, I am sure I have already walked this path
Or other times, I get a bit lost
Sometimes there are those who curse at me for coming too close
Other times, through shadows and clouds, I hear them call me back.
I can't stop
I cannot slow down
I cannot let the heartbeat go
Because it is all I know