Wednesday, 19 September 2012


The interminability of grief
Paralysing in its nature
Every single thing altered by a moment
Irreconcilable, never ending
Wounds reopen
Split open, bleeding
As loss is emphasized
By the normalcy with which it is unrecognized

There is still a missing spot
Where you belong
I don't know how to make me better.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


If there is a moment that remains suspended
In the midst of a raindrop that falls ever so slowly
Within the infinitesimal space that raindrop holds
To illicit in a blink of an eye the journey of its lifetime
A thousand memories that clash in freefall
Enduring, fading, morphing and merging
Imperceptibly incongruously irreplaceable
While umbrellas brace hold in the flooding deluge
Commending the strength of all as one
As all fall solitarily in the confinements of its fall
That is meant to be free yet remains a prison
For it hurtles down in its identity as a raindrop as
If there is a moment that remains suspended.