Monday, 29 December 2014

A Story of You and Me

Why should I write a story? A different story, that's not you and me?
Why shouldn't I just let down the gates and let the words flow; so much more that has yet to be told
What more would there be in fictional characters, giving them a happily ever after
Giving them a story that's something we wish we had
But we have it all.
This is our story, our story we keep waiting to happen
When things are finally better and when things are finally calm
This is our story; a story of waiting for our story to start
But in the meantime we have been apart
If I can open my eyes today and you can close yours
If my sun sets to your sunrise, and the distance remains this far
With the hours stacked up and yet clocked in synchronity
The world keeps turning   And the heart keeps beating
Your heart
Then mine
Your heart
My heart

This is no silence. What are we waiting for?
This is our story: our story has already begun.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Irredeemably and forever
These broken pieces begin to totter
Miniscule vibrations, upon the shattered ground
Unnoticeable at first
Lifeless pieces asundered,
Scattered far and apart
Tremble. And trembling
In the fear of its demise and having died in fearing
Open its eyes unseeing
Realizing that its cause of death
Was life's reason itself.
Irredeemably and forever
I had promised to myself
This power deep within lit aglow
Like a black piece of coal unvarnished
Tarnished but for its fire deep within
As the damaged layers cast away in ashes
And the wind blows through a kiss of death
Resurfacing and giving breath
These broken pieces pulling together as one
Uprising again my flaming wings
That will destroy and heal us
Soldering our armoured hearts together
Irredeemably and forever.

thank you to song: Aaj Phir -Hate Story2

Thursday, 13 November 2014


Waving in the wind
Fluttering violently seized
In the hands of this unseen

Like a kite cut free
Yet never again to fly
On its last wretched journey down

It is only after irretrievably breaking loose
That we learn freedom was in being tied

Like a sail unfurled:
Only by this intricate knot to its mast
We set forth

It was your hold that held me fast
That held us close, tied up
Putting the wind in our sail
Wind beneath these wings
Past tense

But armed herewith
With map and compass
With all the stars to point the way
With every direction mine to take
I am so lost.

Tie me up in your many strings
Keep me close yet set me free
This my unseen, stings cold
Whipping mercilessly
As I gust amiss without you.

Friday, 7 November 2014


That you
My lifeboat
would turn your back
  While I suffocating drown in tears
And walk away
Without hesitation
Because I have slandered your complacency?

That your expectations
Of my expectations have raised a bar so high
That we hang on for life with both hands
Never to hold each other's
For fear of falling
Fearing the shattering
That would come with
A lifetime of death unto us.

What until now have we been clinging on to?
Can you turn around and save me
After I have been interred
Can you let go and give me your hand
Hold on and pull me back from these ashes
Can you find it within yourself
To even try else
How many times until now
Do we say our last goodbye?

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Guess how many times
I have walked these empty paths
In the dark, in the cold
With the winds blowing past
Pushing me aside
Cold, but yet warm
Remembering to me
The soft caress of your hushed voice
Your breath against my skin.
Guess how many times, my love
I have walked these folorn paths
Leaves gusting by
In multitudes
In serenades of the times
Long past, long fallen
Long forgotten.
Guess how many times
I have walked along this path
A solid squall of winter white
Cold and alone
Yet happily alone
Walking through the crisp snow
Trodding through with footprints mine
Guess how many times my love
I have carved your name
On this folorn path.

Saturday, 27 September 2014


I wish I could refind myself
And be the person I used to be
When I used to be.
I wish all these moments, so fleeting
Would pause and rewind
To those moments
Not so filled with yesterday
Because today is so filled with now and tomorrow
Us holding on to frail tendrils of hope
With our dreams and our love raging
Below, a turmoil deluge
Allconsuming, a destruction
I wish I could be the person
I was when I wished
For this tomorrow.

Saturday, 16 August 2014


Tell me this
My love
Tell me how I have stopped breathing
Tell me how I have today to hold
How despite this longing
This long void
Of aching  numbness
Tell me my love
Does this craving end?
I have stopped my words
Forgotten how to live
I have dared not to move
Waiting here
Where we last parted
Silent and still
Waiting and waiting
I have stopped all music
Forgotten the tunes of love
Tell me this, tell me how
The rains poured down cold
And still I did not shed one tear
The sun shone down bright
Day in day out
Weeks turned into months
And time just became a blur
I left myself behind
And a ghost went forth
How was I supposed to live
Without you
Tell me this my love
Tell me this

Saturday, 31 May 2014


Maybe I settled for not being lonely
instead of being given happiness
Is that love?
I'm gone these days
And you have these 'one days'
you had assured me to do with as you wish
The happiness you promised me you'd find time
One day
Maybe it would have been the medicine
Given in small doses each day that passed by
To have kept me alive today
And now I spend these days
Still the shadow of the shadow I was
Tracing these halls
Wondering without answer
Is this love?
But I look at you
And I'm glad
For all I gave and gave
And gave
and you took and took and took
Without realizing how less I grew inside
Until one day - one day, again
I settled for giving and giving is love
I am gone
Was this love?

Friday, 23 May 2014


Life has become a magnolia tree
A magnolia tree
Could you extend your bare branches
Forever in cold
To wait through the agony
Time making you old
To shrivel and wither
To brittle thy marrows
Could you believe that you would ever bloom again?
Life in its beauty
Became just the thing
Where all that was beauty was all that was known
All that we knew and of all that we'd sing
Could you be called anything else and ever care?
A blossom
A blossom, apple
To be cherished unknowingly without being yourself
To be yourself and not care what you were
Because being was all that meant being to you
This moment you breathe
This moment rejoice
This moment you flourish but
Life has become a magnolia tree
Oh magnolia
I spin under thy branches
To become one with myself

Monday, 17 February 2014

Do Words Speak?

Do words speak?
I want to know
What is spoken are called words
But what of words
Do they speak?
Are they sentenced
To life imprisonment
A stolid silence
Once said, zipped tight
Expelled once said
To sink to depths
Without a further
Can words speak?
Maybe that changes
The equation of my question
Maybe words
They can speak
But because no word
Exists for a word
Spoken by a word
Words can't speak.
But do words speak
I want to know
If I listen
Will you speak?

Saturday, 8 February 2014


I put my loneliness sadness in a bottle
and threw it in the sea
You took it and drank it
And gave it back to me.
Each time I filled it
Each time I threw it
Each time it came back
Oh how I grew to love you
The one who drank away my sorrow
I said please, give me yours too
And I woke up, locked in the glass bottle.