Monday, 17 February 2014

Do Words Speak?

Do words speak?
I want to know
What is spoken are called words
But what of words
Do they speak?
Are they sentenced
To life imprisonment
A stolid silence
Once said, zipped tight
Expelled once said
To sink to depths
Without a further
Can words speak?
Maybe that changes
The equation of my question
Maybe words
They can speak
But because no word
Exists for a word
Spoken by a word
Words can't speak.
But do words speak
I want to know
If I listen
Will you speak?

Saturday, 8 February 2014


I put my loneliness sadness in a bottle
and threw it in the sea
You took it and drank it
And gave it back to me.
Each time I filled it
Each time I threw it
Each time it came back
Oh how I grew to love you
The one who drank away my sorrow
I said please, give me yours too
And I woke up, locked in the glass bottle.