Saturday, 31 May 2014


Maybe I settled for not being lonely
instead of being given happiness
Is that love?
I'm gone these days
And you have these 'one days'
you had assured me to do with as you wish
The happiness you promised me you'd find time
One day
Maybe it would have been the medicine
Given in small doses each day that passed by
To have kept me alive today
And now I spend these days
Still the shadow of the shadow I was
Tracing these halls
Wondering without answer
Is this love?
But I look at you
And I'm glad
For all I gave and gave
And gave
and you took and took and took
Without realizing how less I grew inside
Until one day - one day, again
I settled for giving and giving is love
I am gone
Was this love?

Friday, 23 May 2014


Life has become a magnolia tree
A magnolia tree
Could you extend your bare branches
Forever in cold
To wait through the agony
Time making you old
To shrivel and wither
To brittle thy marrows
Could you believe that you would ever bloom again?
Life in its beauty
Became just the thing
Where all that was beauty was all that was known
All that we knew and of all that we'd sing
Could you be called anything else and ever care?
A blossom
A blossom, apple
To be cherished unknowingly without being yourself
To be yourself and not care what you were
Because being was all that meant being to you
This moment you breathe
This moment rejoice
This moment you flourish but
Life has become a magnolia tree
Oh magnolia
I spin under thy branches
To become one with myself