Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Irredeemably and forever
These broken pieces begin to totter
Miniscule vibrations, upon the shattered ground
Unnoticeable at first
Lifeless pieces asundered,
Scattered far and apart
Tremble. And trembling
In the fear of its demise and having died in fearing
Open its eyes unseeing
Realizing that its cause of death
Was life's reason itself.
Irredeemably and forever
I had promised to myself
This power deep within lit aglow
Like a black piece of coal unvarnished
Tarnished but for its fire deep within
As the damaged layers cast away in ashes
And the wind blows through a kiss of death
Resurfacing and giving breath
These broken pieces pulling together as one
Uprising again my flaming wings
That will destroy and heal us
Soldering our armoured hearts together
Irredeemably and forever.

thank you to song: Aaj Phir -Hate Story2

Thursday, 13 November 2014


Waving in the wind
Fluttering violently seized
In the hands of this unseen

Like a kite cut free
Yet never again to fly
On its last wretched journey down

It is only after irretrievably breaking loose
That we learn freedom was in being tied

Like a sail unfurled:
Only by this intricate knot to its mast
We set forth

It was your hold that held me fast
That held us close, tied up
Putting the wind in our sail
Wind beneath these wings
Past tense

But armed herewith
With map and compass
With all the stars to point the way
With every direction mine to take
I am so lost.

Tie me up in your many strings
Keep me close yet set me free
This my unseen, stings cold
Whipping mercilessly
As I gust amiss without you.

Friday, 7 November 2014


That you
My lifeboat
would turn your back
  While I suffocating drown in tears
And walk away
Without hesitation
Because I have slandered your complacency?

That your expectations
Of my expectations have raised a bar so high
That we hang on for life with both hands
Never to hold each other's
For fear of falling
Fearing the shattering
That would come with
A lifetime of death unto us.

What until now have we been clinging on to?
Can you turn around and save me
After I have been interred
Can you let go and give me your hand
Hold on and pull me back from these ashes
Can you find it within yourself
To even try else
How many times until now
Do we say our last goodbye?