Tuesday, 29 September 2015


There is a house
In a quiet, lonely quarter
Where the meadows meet
And the stars shine upon
Where the moon
And the sun
In turn reunite
In perfection, this house
There it is:
Built brick by brick
With such care and effort
Built so well it can never fall down
There is a house
Where the skies turn violet
A million hues before twilight
Sunrises and blue skies
And perfect puffs of cloud
Accompany the songs
Of a hundred trees surround
There is this house
Noone else knows
Built with our dreams
Built with our love
The rooms, silent,
Are filled with our hopes
And lined on every shelf
Sits each our memory
There is this house
Where it sits in emptiness
Waiting for us
  We have lost the way.

Originally posted on my private personal blog on Wednesday, 12 August 2015.
Re-posted with my own heart's permission.