Tuesday, 29 March 2016


           If he
               can tell you
                           that he loves you
                               and make you believe it
          with every bone in your body
if he can tell you
  "I love you"
       and lie
               every letter of every word
                  abusing every tendon and ligament within you
                               snipping with the relationship your coronary artery
                             (n) that branch from the aorta close to its point of departure
                                                            your heartcollateral damage
                              flooding your lungs with damp, spongy red
                   choking, suffocating, gasping for breath
         open artery spewing and spraying red
red iron clear sodium white calcium mixing, everywhere
      waterboarding you with your own viscosity
           Remember if he can do this
             there is not one single
              thing he deserves
               especially the

Friday, 25 March 2016

Maybe Sometimes Like Now

sometimes these candles
they flicker and go out
and out there beyond them
the icicle melts
beyond are clouds and maybe more clouds
and behind them maybe a candle alights
maybe in the same second
your hand reaches for mine
despite all the mountains and oceans and miles

Sunday, 13 March 2016


you will be strong
and it won't be long
until you see that day
when you can look out the window
and recognize
the reflection of outside
in your eyes
my eyes
they have a world for you
waiting and blinking
like a far out star
you can't hear my song
for all that's gone wrong
it's a voiceless tune
and now i look in the window
and write love

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Sometimes You

I've ripped all my pages
and torn my words
I've scattered my letters
to the wind
Sometimes they blow back
into my face
and sometimes they

just fly

I don't know
where they all go
I don't know
if they ever reach you
I don't know even
where you are
But I know
w h e r e  y o u ' r e  n o t

I've stripped down my soul
and torn out my heart
I've scattered my breaths
to the wind
sometimes they blow back
into my face
and sometimes they

just fly

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


there will never be
another soulmate
who will
in the crushingmultitudeofmillions
find your voice
let us never remember
the many moments when we stood
back to back
against the world
front to front
inhaling the odour of our entangled spirit
in each other's skin
let that last fragrance of ceaseless fortitude
evaporate to nothingness
as i
let you

Saturday, 5 March 2016

internal damage

coughing up the blood
bruise around the neck
huddled in a corner
a shaking broken wreck

but everyone has turned their back
they don't want anything to do with you
they've washed their hands in the salt of your tears
and locked the door behind you

undressing in silence
revealing purpled marks
all the kicks to the stomach
and everything goes dark

but everyone has slammed that door
they don't know you no more
they keep silent now, don't give a damn
who are you anyways but no-one, no-one

sirens screaming loudly
bright lights blue and red
they ask you a million questions
amazed that you're not dead

who did you think would ever stand for you
who did you think could ever care
who did you think could ever protect you

(miss? who do you want us to call)  no-one
(miss? we need your name) No-one

Friday, 4 March 2016


One day some day
We'll find our ways home
On long winding paths
Through diamonds and stone
As shattering orbs
Fall from the sky
Glass fragmented meteors
Like bombshells drop down
Falling stars
And globes of dreams
Lit from within
But will blind the unseen
Falling and falling
As we trudge on and roam
One day some day
We'll find our ways home

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


frozen landscapes unfold beyond
dancing round the falling snow
twirling slowly lips turn blue
eyelashes become crystalline
from a white cold sun
to a white cold moon
dancing slowly in a silent song 
in the arms of winter

Mise en Abyme

there is no forever
not even the word

nothing ever lives long
but the earth we are buried in

even if our ashes fly in the wind
even if our souls catch fire
and die

even that star you wish on is dead

there is no forever
not even the           .


hanging from a willow branch
turning in the wind
tips of toes graze the stream
hair mingling with leaves

when the willow bows her head
hiding away her face
who can say if the river below
is of her fallen tears

but today the willow tree
she is not alone