Monday, 27 February 2017

One Breath

If we must
we must
dance more freely
live again just one more day
if we can breathe
and let it out again
every inhalation
becomes an ex
If I must
You must
Let us linger
A trailing finger
Caressing dust
Because I am reaching
And touching
These stars
Lighting up
This path I tread
What is up?
And what is down?
What is lost
Can be found
If we must
We must
live again.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


I have loved you every day
Thinking the next would be the last
I have loved you despite the feeling
of falling in love
With other people, different people
Thinking that maybe each love
Would teach me a belonging that
I could not have with you
Love has brought me laughter
that all too soon brought me to tears
Because I found that love in you
You are that reflection
Of all the things that were broken
Of all the things that were strong
Of all the things that were simply beyond explanation
Because you are me.